Mythothon Round 4 tbr

The last time I participated in a month-long read-a-thon was in November, wow. Due to my reading slump, I didn’t feel like partaking in any, but now I think I want to get back to doing them. Well, not every month, but sometimes. I’ve seen Mythothon on Hannah’s Instagram page, you can check out her wonderful bullet journal spread HERE. The read-a-thon is created by Louise @ Foxes and Fairy Tales. It’s from April 1 to April 30, so I’m a bit late, but never mind. This round is based on the Arthurian legend, which I love. You don’t have to read books about that though! There are fourteen prompts in total and one group book. You can double up on prompts, and that’s certainly what I did, because I know I won’t read fourteen books in a month. Also, I won’t be reading the group book, as it’s not something that interests me now.

Morgan le Fay: Read a story about a villainous, misunderstood or morally grey character

Obviously, I had to choose Morgan le Fay out of the three magicians! I love her so much and we share the same name, so… For this, I chose Circe by Madeline Miller, as I read that Circe is quite a morally grey character. I got this book as a Christmas present from my best friend, and so far I wasn’t in the mood for reading it, but now it’s the time!

King Arthur: Read a book featuring royalty

Now, I’m in a bit of trouble. I don’t like books about royalty, I rarely pick them up. I don’t know, it’s not something that interests me. But there is one that’s been on my radar for a while now, The Princess Bride by William Golding. The only thing I know about it that it’s a fantasy parody, so I either will hate it or laugh my socks off.

Sir Lancelot (Arthur’s greatest companion): Read a book from a favourite author

I’m awfully behind on my Reading through Agatha Christie challenge, so for this, I’m going to reread The Man in the Brown Suit by her.

Sir Gawain (Known as the Green Knight): Read a book with the colour green on the cover or in the title

The Man in the Brown Suit fits for this too, as this cover has green on it.

Sir Percival (the original hero in the quest for the Grail): Read a book with a shiny cover

Circe has a beautiful shiny cover, so I’m choosing that one.

Sir Bors (Arthur’s successor): Read a sequel

Hsinju and I are planning to continue the Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire. The next book is Come Tumbling Down. I’m excited but also scared to read it, as that instalment is about my favourite character, Jack, and a lot of people don’t seem to like it. But we shall see, we might enjoy it!

Sir Lamorak (one of the best knights but overlooked in the chivalric romance genre): Read a book you think is under-hyped

Lalani of the Distant Sea by Erin Entrada Kelly has only 2 000 ratings on Goodreads, I don’t see a lot of buzz about this book. It’s a middle grade fantasy inspired by Filipino folklore, which sounds good as I love mythology and folktales.

Sir Kay (Arthur’s foster brother): Read a book with a significant sibling relationship

I had a hard time finding a book for this, so excuse me if it’s completely false information, but apparently, Miss Meteor by Tehlor Kay Mejia and Anna-Marie McLemore has a sibling relationship? I don’t know if it’s significant though.

Sir Gareth (the youngest knight): Read a recent addition to your tbr

Before the Coffee Gets Cold by Toshikazu Kawaguchi is one of my most recent additions to my tbr. I know a lot of people who love it, so I’m intrigued.

Sir Bedivere (returns Excalibur to Nimue): Read a book with something pointy on the cover

I’ve wanted to read Nimona by Noelle Stevenson for a while now, and as the cover features a sword, it’s the perfect time. Unfortunately, my library doesn’t have the e-book version, only the audiobook, which is weird as it’s a graphic novel, but it’s what I have.

Sir Galahad (“the most perfect of all knights”): Read a book with a title that starts with a “G”

Only three books on my tbr start with “G”, which is a surprise! From these, I chose Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson, as that seemed like the most intriguing.

Sir Tristan (falls in love with Isolde): Read a book with a romance that should be legendary

Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas came to my mind! Apparently, it’s a second chance romance with tropes like there’s only one bed, so it must be amazing!

Sir Gaheris (“the least well spoken of all his peers”): Listen to an audiobook or read part of a story aloud

As I said earlier, Nimona is definitely going to be an audiobook read.

Camelot: Read a book set in a place you’ve never visited

Well, I’ve never visited the USA before, and I don’t where exactly Concrete Rose by Angie Thomas is set, but it’s definitely in the States.

Are you participating in any read-a-thons in April? Have you read any of these books? Do you like the Arthurian legend?


11 thoughts on “Mythothon Round 4 tbr

  1. I haven’t even tried a read-a-thons in my life but it sounds interesting! I might try and participate❤️ And lovely post (;

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  2. Love your choices! I also went with Morgan Le Fay 🥰 I’d been pondering what to pick up for that prompt, so I’m totally picking up Circe the same as you, as I was planning to read it anyway 😄

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