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The Joy of Christmas Book Tag

I love Christmas, so when Caro @ bookcheshirecat tagged me to do this, I immediately started writing it! I haven’t done a book tag in a while, so it’s perfect timing. The tag was originally created by Sam @ Sam’s Nonsense, which you can check out HERE!

Anticipation: The Christmas excitement is real, what book release(s) are you most anticipating? & Christmas Songs & Carols: What book or author can you not help but sing its praises?

the sunbearer trials cover

I don’t have any more book releases I’m anticipating for this year. I recently posted a Most anticipated 2022 releases, where I shared twenty-two books. Now I’m going to choose the one I’m most excited about, The Sunbearer Trials by Aiden Thomas. First of all, I am fond of books about mythology! I haven’t read anything with Mexican mythology in it, so I’m super pumped to dive into this book. I’m also looking forward to all the Spanish words. I’m learning Spanish, and it’s always a special feeling to recognise and understand a word. The fact that it features a trans character is cherry on top. Moreover, and that leads to the second question, Aiden Thomas is an amazing author, whose two books Cemetery Boys & Lost in the Never Woods I absolutely adored. They are really talented at creating characters and witty dialogues, which are my favourite aspects of a book.

Gingerbread Houses: What book or series has wonderful world-building?

tea dragon trilogy covers

I think if you’ve read the Tea Dragon graphic novel trilogy by Kay O’Neill, you’re going to agree with me. I would love to live in that gorgeous world full of love and acceptance. They’re wholesome and comforting reads, so if you’re feeling down, pick one of these up and you’ll feel better. All three volumes celebrate diversity, caring for others and friendship. Not to mention that they are beautifully illustrated!

A Christmas Carol: Favourite classic or one that you want to read

cover of emma

The first book that comes to my mind is Emma by Jane Austen. I’ve read it twice so far, but I definitely see myself picking it up again in the future. It’s such a funny and charming novel, full of witty and hilarious dialogues. Out of all Austen books, this one is for sure my favourite, even its adaptations are closer to my heart than others. The mini-series featuring Romola Garai and Jonny Lee Miller is number one, but the new movie that came out in 2020 is a close second. I had a huge classics phase in high school, I read quite a lot of them. Nowadays I lean towards contemporary novels, but I still have some that I’d like to read someday, like War and Peace & Les Misérables.

Christmas Sweets: What book would you love to receive for Christmas?

clap when you land, almost american girl, anne of green gables cover

Well, I know I’ll get Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo, Almost American Girl by Robin Ha and Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery from my parents because I was the one who ordered them. I’ve read and loved all, that’s why I decided to choose these. I mostly read from the library, but I am keen on rereading books I really enjoy, so my collection is growing slowly.

Candles in the Window: What book gives you that warm fuzzy feeling?

heartstopper 1-4 covers

I mean, is anyone surprised at this point that I chose Heartstopper by Alice Oseman for this question? I don’t think so. It makes me so happy, so I reread it quite often. Nick is a precious bean who’s trying to help Charlie who’s living with a mental illness, and it’s just heartwarming seeing him comforting Charlie. It definitely doesn’t try to convey the “love solves everything” trope, instead, it shows how genuine human connections can help a suffering person heal. Their relationship is one of the cutest I’ve ever read.

Christmas Trees & Decorations: What are some of your favourite book covers?

cover of i love you so mochi, lost in the never woods, lore olympus

I chose three of my 2021 reads: I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn, Lost in the Never Woods by Aiden Thomas and Lore Olympus: Volume One by Rachel Smythe. I have a penchant for gorgeously illustrated book covers and fancy typography. I also feel like purple colours are really growing on me, and I blame that entirely on BTS. 😂

Christmas Joy: What are some of your favourite things about Christmas?

I am always looking forward to Christmas every year because I hate winter, and this festive season is my only silver lining. I despise cold weather, mainly because I don’t like dressing up in forty layers just to go outside. Plus, cold and gloomy weather makes me not want to go out, which is not good for my mental health. I am a homebody, but spending too much time inside has its downsides for sure. So, that’s why I try to appreciate and enjoy Christmas and the whole advent season. 🥰 Here are some of my favourite things:

  • decorating my bookshelves: my sister helps me in that every year, it’s become a tradition
  • putting up Christmas decorations on the Christmas tree: it used to be a tradition between my sister and me, but since she moved out a few years ago, I do it alone now
  • baking gingerbread cookies and muffins: I hate cooking, but baking is actually quite fun, and I love eating what I made 😅
  • playing board games with family: we don’t play a lot, to be honest, but more than in the other eleven months of the year
  • coming up with gift ideas for immediate family and my best friend: this is hard, but it’s a really great feeling when someone is happy with the gift I’ve chosen for them
  • seeing the city decorations: I am not huge for the Christmas market because since the pandemic I like to avoid larger crowds, but other decorations are fun to watch when walking in the city centre
  • watching cheesy Christmas movies: I don’t watch a lot of movies, but one or two Christmas films are always welcome

I tag:

🎄 Maria @ The Character Study
🎄 Ali @ In the Lost and Found
🎄 Hannah @ The Bookworm’s Feast

What book gives you that warm fuzzy feeling? What book would you love to receive for Christmas? What are some of your favourite things about Christmas?


14 thoughts on “The Joy of Christmas Book Tag

  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE ANNE OF GREEN GABLES SO MUCH, so I’m obviously very jealous that you’ll be getting it. And what you said about the tea dragon society, COMPLETELY AGREE! Living in them would be the best thing ever! Baking gingerbread cookies and muffins would really be SO MUCH FUN! And snow ball fights too!! I want to have one, but NO SNOW 😭😭

    I loved reading this post so, so much! Hope you have an amazing Christmas!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading your answers, Morgan! ❤️ I’m also so hyped for The Sunbearer Trials, it sounds so good and I’m ready to read more books by Aiden Thomas (I really need to read Lost in the Never Woods) 🥰 The Tea Dragon Books are also such a delight, I find that the world is so vivid because the art is absolutely gorgeous! I also loved reading your favorite things about Christmas 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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