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The Book Thief book review

If you’ve been following my blogging journey for a while, you might have noticed that I don’t have any book reviews. I used to write longer reviews back when I started my Hungarian blog, but I stopped. I didn’t feel like doing them, so I thought why force it. I switched to talking about books in wrap-ups, and that worked fine for me. Now that I write even shorter opinions on what I read, I remembered that I still have my long book reviews, which I could try translating to English. I’m actually proud of some of them, especially this one, my review for The Book Thief, which I wrote back in 2017. I don’t know how my feelings will translate to English (bad pun, sorry), but I wanted to challenge myself and try. The Book Thief is one of my all-time favourite novels, so it’s only fair that I start with it.

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