May wrap-up // A hectic month full of BTS & k-dramas (but I read some books too)

May started peacefully and stress-free, in the first two weeks I managed to read six out of my eight books, and then I kind of hit a slump again. But now I have an “excuse”, I started working. Obviously, I don’t need an excuse to not read, but it feels comforting to blame something for the lack of reading, haha. And then the last few days of the month were even more anxiety-filled, as I got my first dose of Pfizer vaccine! I was so stressed, as I had a bad experience with medicine before, and ever since I’m fearful with medications. I had a mild fever for a short time, and my arm hurt a lot, but hopefully, that’s all. Now, let’s jump right into the wrap-up!

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May read-a-thon tbrs

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving participating in read-a-thons lately! Sometimes they’re not for me, but nowadays I like having set tbrs for the month, it just helps me with my reading. In May, I’m going to partake in not one, but two read-a-thons! One is my absolute favourite, Asian read-a-thon by Cindy, and the other one is Armydathon, which is created by Kat. You check out both of the announcement videos HERE and HERE! So here are my tbrs for both! I’m hoping to finish all of the books because I’m feeling ambitious! Fingers crossed I can actually manage that. What also shows that I’m not kidding around this time, is the fact that I didn’t combine any of the challenges.

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